IMAG0599I love to cook.  Its the way I show people how much I love them.  I find cooking to be therapeutic, organic, creative, artistic, challenging, inspiring, and just plain fun.  As this blog develops I’ll be posting some of my favorite recipes here.  But be forewarned, there’ll be a lot of “dashes”, “pinches”, “glugs” and other very technical terms to muddle through.

Let’s cook somethin’!

Pumpkin Spiced Cake Truffles

Cookies-n-Creme Cupcakes

Banana Cake with an Attitude!

The National Dessert of Scotland – Sticky Toffee Sponge Pudding

Wicked Good Cinnamon Rolls

Green Tomato Sweet Bread

Autumn Breakfast Sensations – Divine Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Zesty 3-Cheese Ravioli

Shrimp Cazuela

Thai Shrimp with Orzo

Winter Soup

Not Your Grannies Green Beans


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