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FRESH – a recap

On Saturday we opened our home for a private screening of FRESH the movie.  I posted about it our decision to become more conscientious in our choices of food and lifestyle HERE.  We only had a couple of people respond to our invitation to “dinner and a movie” however a movement doesn’t often begin with a nation, but a few.   The night was so much fun, and while I had fully anticipated snapping some photos of the gathering, I was almost immediately caught up in the fellowship and completely forgot to grab my camera.

Sam and I discussed our menu at great length – especially considering the nature of the event.  You wouldn’t want to serve a ton of “cruelty foods” at an event promoting a healthy, sustainable, local (dare I say FRESH) food system.  So we scrapped tons of menu suggestions and opted for something simple and flavorful – fajitas.  I decided to get the ladies involved in the process too by having them make the tortillas for dinner.  I’d made up the dough ahead of time using freshly ground whole wheat flour, and it was their job to roll and cook the flat breads.  I was so surprised to hear that my friends had never really made their own tortillas (and the one who had tried it never got it to work quite right).  I think they discovered it was simpler than they originally though, much more flavorful than the garbage you buy in the grocery store, and they did a great job!

After dinner, we headed to the media room for the movie.  It was awesome.  Sam and I previewed it a week ago so we knew what to expect, but none of the others had seen it yet.  It was eye-opening for some and a familiar recap for other.  If you’ve seen Food, Inc. you’ll be very familiar with most of the main players in FRESH – Joel Salatin, Michael Pollan, Will Allen, and others.

The discussion after the movie was so much fun.  Sam shared a bit about our vision for the future and what we’re trying to accomplish with East of Eden Farms.  There is so much we’d like to do in the next year or two and we’re so excited about how it will improve the quality of our life, and what it can do to improve others lives as well.  You might say he was preaching to the choir as there were lots of head nods among the group, but we all agree that what we’ve got now is a broken system that just doesn’t work.  Not all of our friends can devote a large part of their time to growing a full garden, or milking their own cow, or gathering their own eggs, or shearing their own sheep, or gathering their own honey, or raising their own meat rabbits and fish.  And some of them don’t even want to do those things.  But we all understand the importance of eating better.  Eating locally.  And supporting the farmers who are trying to bring this fresh, herbicide and pesticide free foods to us.  Yes, the cost is more.  But the food is worth more too.


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Savannah, day 2 photos….finally

Hey y’all. I was finally able to sit down at the computer and download my photos from our second day in Savannah. What an awesome place! If you’ve never been, you should go. If you’ve been there you know exactly how spectacular it is. A girl could easily spend a ton of money there too. There are loads of shops and antique stores – and they’ve got just about everything you could ever dream of when it comes to trinkets and souvenirs.

As my sisters-in-law and their husbands had headed home on Sunday, Sam and I were able to take our time and mosey around the historic district. We walked, and walked, and walked, and then took another horse drawn carriage tour, and then we walked about some more. The weather was so nice though, and everything is laid out in such and orderly fashion the walking didn’t seem too difficult – plus Savannah’s historic district is flat – unlike Scotland where everything is uphill.

The original settlement of Savannah was laid out around 21 town squares that cover about a 5 or 10 mile grid. We only had time to visit about half of them on foot, and I certainly would like to get back to see the rest of them sometime. Each square is dedicated to a person or persons who helped to shape the Savannah we have now. Most of the squares are also rife with ghost stories and legends of ghost siting. I didn’t see any ghosts while I was there, but I can see how easily the dark and misty nights could feed those legends. Truly, Savannah is on my top five favorite places to vacation – I think you’d love it too.

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Ah, Savannah!

Yesterday afternoon was my first day in Savannah, and I already adore this town. It’s bustling streets are filled with quaint shoppes and eclectic street vendors selling everything from t-shirts to fine art and jewelry. Horse drawn carriage tours can be seen everywhere, sharing the old, narrow stone roads with local traffic. The old cobblestone streets and boardwalks down on the river give the town an ancient feeling that enhances its beauty and charm. The river walk is teeming with tourists darting in and out of buildings and restaurants, but if you stand there long enough you are able to hear the long gone wharf men – loading and unloading ships; merchants bartering with the Captain’s for the best price on their goods; even a politician or two in the background – welcoming you to their fine city of Savannah. It’s a magical place.

The city is rife with history. Every square – all 21 of them – have amazing stories of Savannah’s history associated with them. This town is steeped in an ancient refined culture, and as you walk the streets the architecture transports you back to a time when life in the South was gentile. When women were fragile and men were cultured, and everyone wanted to leave their own mark on the town – making it better; richer; more refined.

Today there is more walking and talking in our future. My sister’s-in-law and their husbands have all gone home, so it’s just Sam and I, but I bet we’ll find our way onto one of the many trolley tours and through several more of the row shoppes. I can’t wait!

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Burns night recap

Last night was a blast! For those of you who weren’t here, we hosted our second Burns Night Supper – a traditional Scottish supper in honor of Robert Burns, Scotland’s most beloved and well known poet. During his short life, the Bard penned works such as The Rose and Auld Lang Syne, among many others.

In celebration of the Bard’s 250th birthday, we prepared a traditional Burns Night feast, complete with bagpipe music and genuine Scottish folk. One of our favorite couple’s, Graeme and Sara King, who are from Paisley, Scotland attended, and Graeme was kind enough to address our haggis in proper Scottish fashion. Many of our guests had never seen a real kilt nor heard the famous Address to a Haggis, written by Robert Burns. It was definitely a YouTube moment.

Here’s Graeme addressing our haggis in the original old Scottish language.

Here are some photos of the spread – it was quite huge and extended into our living room – although I forgot to photo all the appetizers – sorry.

And here’s a photo of our guests – Graeme and Sara are in the center.

Tom and Fran Jackson

(Left to right front: Barbara, Dianne, Pel; left to right back: Butch, Miranda, Graeme)

Dianne and Miranda

Pel, Miranda and Fran

Barbara and Butch

Ron and Dee

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