For those of you who actually ‘follow’ this blog it will shock you to see that I’ve taken the time this afternoon to write something.  It’s safe to assume that writing here is not a priority on my list these days.  Oh, I’m writing plenty still, just not blogging.  In the past seven months my daily schedule has become a frenzied network of chores, construction projects, lists, errands, and quality time with the people and things I love most in this world.  Basically I’m trying to fill my life with things that are real.  Things that matter.  I have very little time (or desire) to sit in front of a computer and stare into cyberspace, hoping that someone out there will be as bored as I am and actually read the drivel I’ve put on here.  And so as not to be insulting, for those of you who actually do that, ‘thanks’.  But for me, I’m over the whole blogosphere scene.  I’ve stopped reading blogs.  Most of them have really devolved into lengthy Twitter or Facebook posts anyway, and quite frankly I’m just not interested in that.  Sadly, at one point I was faithfully reading 22 blogs per day.  And some of those blogs took nearly thirty minutes or more to get through.  Especially if there were recipes or photos involved.  I’m a sucker for recipes and photo contests.

However, in the past seven months my life has changed.  Radically.  My priorities regarding my time have changed as well.  Time is our most valuable commodity; and yet, every day we waste most of it.  No wonder life passes us by so quickly.   We spend our childhood wishing we were an adult.  By the time we reach adulthood and enter the working world we spend our week wishing it were the weekend.  And on the weekends we wish we were kids again so we could forget that dreaded “to-do” list that awaits us.  Such a shame to wish our entire life away and forget to live in the moment.

Today I was doing some research on a company called Monsanto.  They’re an evil, multi-national, chemical corporation that is completely engrossed in their own greed.  And they have the balls to cloak that greed in the nobility of “feeding the world,” when in fact, they care nothing for the world at large, but only the myriad of ways they can control our food chain and thus line their already massive pockets.  And as I finished up my research, I came to the conclusion that I need to do something.  I need to take control.  Even though I’m only one person I can still make a difference.  It only takes one, remember?  So I’m not exactly sure what it is I’m going to do yet, but it will be something.  And I can guarantee you it won’t involve sitting behind this computer a moment longer and blogging…..

Peace, out.


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