Is it fall yet?

I am one of the few people who doesn’t like to complain about how hot summer can be.  I would much prefer to endure the heat of summer than the dead cold of winter; especially since we moved away from northern Maine three years ago.  I was pretty sure we were never going to dig our way out of that state!

But I have to admit, that this summer has been really hot and humid.  Even the weather people are saying that this summer has been one of the record setters, with multiple weeks of day-after-day of 90 degree plus temperatures and minimal rainfall.  And the humidity has been the real killer for me.  I can handle the heat.  I can handle the dry.  But the humidity seems to zap my energy every time.  And since we’ve been spending a large part of our time out on the farm working with the animals, I’ve found myself sweating a great deal more than I ever have in my life!

So, in an effort to psych myself out and to gently encourage summer to submit itself to the greater good I started putting up my fall decorations last week.  I’ve got a lovely garland of fall leaves wrapped around my banister, some beautiful burgundy mums ready to go out on my front porch, and scarecrows and pumpkins placed strategically around my living room.

I’m ready for the beautiful patchwork of leaves on the hillsides, beckoning me to crunch through the forest.   I want to spend the evenings enjoying the sunroom, listening to the crickets and locust sing the stars into the night sky.  I’m ready to wrap up in a flannel throw and sit by the fireplace with a steaming mug of hot cider.  I can’t wait to burn Macintosh scented candles and go apple pickin’.  I’m desperate to resurrect jars of harvest spices from their resting place in the cupboard and combine them with winter squash and sweet taters, for succulent and sweet creations.  I’m ready to throw the windows on the house open at night and snuggle deep into homemade quilts, finding my way into dream lands full of sugar plumbs and gingerbread men.  I want to awaken to the glisten of frost on my windows and the sight of my breath in the early morning sunshine.

Oh fall, how I’ve missed you.  Please come to visit soon!


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