Truly blessed!

I hope y’all had an amazing holiday weekend.  Celebrating Independence Day is not only fun but important.   I send out my most sincere appreciation and thanks to all the men and women who are serving in our military, whether stateside or abroad.  I pray for your safety and I laud your bravery.  You’re all hero’s as far as I’m concerned.

Sam and I had an awesome weekend with family in Northwest Arkansas.  We visited with aunties and uncles, and my sister and her family, and one of my brother’s was able to make it as well.  We sat around and told stories on each other for hours.  We laughed ourselves silly, and ate non-stop.  I’m still bloated from all the yummies and will probably have to walk around for a week with my pants unbuttoned!  Sam and I stayed in a fabulous little hotel – it was an old textile mill that had been converted to a luxury hotel.  Some of the original water wheel was still in place and there were lots of bits of history scattered about the property, not to mention beautiful gardens and waterfalls.  On Sunday night we had front row seats to an awesome fireworks display, and the kids snapped off firecrackers, and colorful fountains, and smoke bombs like crazy.

And the icing on the cake….we came home yesterday afternoon to a happy group of animals and a garden that was still alive!!!  An enormous thank you goes out to our friends and farmsitter’s, Molly and Dan – you guys rock!!!  We wouldn’t have been able to make this trip without all your help.


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