The cake stand

Several years ago I inherited this beautiful cake stand from my Oma; and with the exception of a baby shower or dessert party I rarely have the opportunity to use it.  It’s  by far one of my favorite pieces of glassware and has a designated spot on my buffet.  The etching is immaculately crisp, and yet the design is simple.  The flowers are randomly placed around the globe, and every time I gaze at it I feel as if I’m looking out onto a wildflower meadow.

I have no idea how my Oma came to possess such a delicate cake stand, but I can imagine her assembling an extra tall Black Forest cake on it, or a German chocolate cake slathered in thick caramel-coconut-nut frosting.  I myself have used this stand for a strawberry margarita tall-cake, with fluffy strawberry pink cream cheese frosting, and artistically topped off with plump, juicy, bright red strawberries.  It was beautiful and tasty, and I can imagine that my Oma would have winked her approval had she seen the masterpiece.

Yesterday, as I was tidying up the house, the summer sunlight spilled through my front windows, glinting off the cake globe, showering rainbows across my dining room wall.  And in that  moment, I knew I needed to make a cake, even if it was just to display in my Oma’s cake stand.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been hankerin’ for a Tortuga rum cake, and I thought to myself as I admired the sparkling globe, what better way to honor my Oma and her cake stand than to put one of the most flavorful, moist, scrumptious cakes under that etched glass.  I just love random inspirations!  The end result is a cake that looks better than it tastes (I used too much rum in this batch), but never-the-less, I felt honored to see my Oma’s beautiful cake stand sitting on my kitchen table, plumb full of cake; and it made me feel especially close to her today.


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