Nerves…about 8 months early!

You know that dream you have as a teenager – the one where you’re walking through school and everyone is pointing and laughing at you, and you suddenly realize you’ve managed to make it there with no clothes on?  And when you wake up you spend the next week bodily checking yourself every half hour to make sure you’ve actually remembered your pants.  Yeah, I feel like I’m living in that dream…sort of….

Yesterday Sam informed me that in mid-March 2011 we’re going to be a part of an environmental conference in metro ATL.  This conference is hosted by Kennesaw State University in hopes of bringing awareness to educators in regard to the sustainable, slow-food  movement that’s creeping across America.  We’re going to be hosting about a dozen educators from around the state of Georgia for a two-hour tour of our little farm in the ‘burbs.  We’re also supposed to provide a work project for them; as well as explain to them what we do, why we do it, and how it’s working out.  ***gulp***

Teachers?  College professors?  Environmentalists?  In my garden?  The one with all the weeds, and dying tomato plants, and crumbling raised beds, and bright orange Homer buckets everywhere??!!!!  Yikes!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, Sam and I are very excited to share with people (common, ordinary, every-day folks) our vision for a sustainable future right here in the ‘burbs – just come to our Sunday School class if you don’t believe me!  We’re like first-time grandparents who whip out a 400-page photo album for every stranger they encounter because they’re just so proud of their little Jimmy John, and they know the rest of the world will agree that he’s the most beautiful baby they’ve ever seen.  We love having friends come and tour our garden, and we adore showing off our rabbits, chickens, and sheep to all.  But educators?  What can I possibly share with them that will be relevant, valuable, and something they don’t already know?  What we’re doing isn’t rocket science here.  My heart is pounding just thinking about it!  I’m not an organic farmer.  I’m just a girl who names my food, and likes to make cheese and grind my own grain, and grow vegetables in my back yard without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.  I’m not about to stop shaving my legs, or start wearing Birkenstocks and bohemian style skirts.

I’m pretty sure Sam will be doing most of the talking that day.  I’ll smile and nod my head a lot…and serve the iced tea.


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