Summertime chores

I’m probably the worst blogger in the history of blogging.  Like everything else in my life, I start out great guns – good intentions – tons of ideas – lots of potential….and then mediocrity strikes.  The guns run out of ammo, the good intentions get tossed to the back burner, all my profound ideas dry up, and the potential is diverted to my next big adventure.  I think it’s A.D.D.  Really, I mean it.  What was I saying?………

As you’ve guessed from my lack of blogging, nothing new, exciting, or interesting has happened in the past ten days.  The dogs are the same as they always are.  Iris is still a poop eater, Guinness is as nosey as ever, and Dream sleeps all the time.

The garden is growing as a garden should.  I’ll have my first wax bean harvest today…if it doesn’t rain that is.  I broke out my pressure canner a few weeks ago, and unpacked a couple of boxes of jars.  Won’t be long before my mornings are spent canning up beans, tomatoes, and sauces, and my afternoons will find me squatting over gardening beds and snapping beans ’till my fingers are green!

We had some people over on Sunday for our first garden tour.  It was fun.  I don’t know if it was helpful or just overwhelming to them – we do have quite a large garden – I think it was a bit more than what they’re thinking about doing; but we’ll see.  Every good idea starts with a single seed.

In farming news, the chicks are growing like crazy.  I posted a short video clip on Our Edible Suburb blog (<===click on the title to view the video).  They’re nearly fully feathered now, and I can’t wait to get them moved out to the farm this week.  Our plan was to do that this weekend, but the weather decided not to cooperate with us, so it’ll have to be on Wednesday or Thursday.  We finished assembling the chicken tractor this weekend – in the rain no less.  And let me just add that PVC chicken tractors are not as easy to assemble as the advertising leads you to believe.  Nor are they as light weight.  Nor are they as sturdy.  Nor are they as practical.  Basically, what I’m trying to say is they’re garbage.  But cheap.  And that’s what matters in this world.

Howard and Vestal (the sheep) are doing splendidly.  We seem to be slowing down on the ear tick problems, which is good.  I felt so bad for them – some nights we’d go out to feed them and they’d have 5, 6, even 8 ticks on their little head and ears.  We found this amazing tick spray (it’s blue) at Tractor Supply (my new favorite store!) and that’s taken care of them pretty well.  The sheep look kinda funny with blue racing stripes down their back, up their legs, and on their ears, but the ticks have vanished.  Now were just being vigilant in picking them off of us every night.  Ick – I really, really, really dislike ticks.  I do not see what their purpose in the food chain is…except as bird food.

In other sheep news, we’ll be adding a third ewe to the mix in about three weeks.   Sam has found a farm up the road a piece from us that have Katahdin sheep.  That’s a ‘hair’ variety of sheep, which means they don’t have to be sheared every year as they shed their wool (like a dog sheds his fur).  We’re going to be purchasing a 3 month old female to use as breeding stock – we’ll cross her with Howard (our East Friesian – that’s a dairy variety of sheep), and hopefully come out with a dual purpose variety that isn’t as heavily woolen.  In case you don’t already know, I just love sheep.  They’re adorable, sweet, funny, and have amazing personalities.  Every day they make me smile.  If you’ve never spent much time with a sheep, you should – they’ll win your heart over every time.  I promise!

Two weekends ago was our first rabbit processing day as well.  You can read all about it on Our Edible Suburb.   It was Sam’s job to do the killing, and then I helped with the skinning and other processing.  It was a sad day, but also a purposeful day.  Sam and I both have a broad understanding of the cycle of life – we respect it very much, and strive to show that respect in the way we harvest.  I love our bunnies, but they’re not pets – they’re food.  We make sure they enjoy a good life while they’re here – they have plenty of pellets, hay, pasture clippings, water, and love while they’re with us.  We respectfully harvest them as we need to, and we thank them for their sacrifice.  I know, it sounds weird – and it is a little bit – I’ll never deny it.  We had bbq bunny on Sunday for lunch.  It was amazing, and I was so grateful to and for Floppy.  Yes, my food has names – it’s that fresh.

Well chaps and chapettes, that’s all the news that I have right now.  As I said in the opening paragraphs – there’s not much happening around here.  Just the usual summertime chores and busy-ness.  I hope your holiday weekend was as wonderful as mine was.  And I hope you took some time to remember and give honor to those for whom you owe your freedom to.  If you didn’t, it’s not to late to take a minute and do that now.  Have a blessed week!


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