Busy weekend

All weekends seem to fly by, but this one did so especially quickly.  Sam took Friday off and we drove down to Sawinsboro (4 hours away from us) to pick up two East Friesian dairy sheep.  They are 3 months old – a male and a female.  I named them Howard and Vestal (after the Happy Goodman’s).  They’re adorable and sweet, and I never thought in a million years we’d have sheep.  But at this point, I’m glad we do.  Vestal won’t be ready to start milking until next April or May at the earliest, so I’ve got lots of time to get to know her and for her to get totally comfortable with me as well.

Saturday we spent running all over town picking up groceries and miscellaneous farm supplies.  We’ve been so busy the past couple of weeks we have totally gotten out of our routine and our cupboards were bare as a bone.  I hate it when that happens!

Sunday we spent the day with more mowing, and weeding, and tree trimming on the farm.  Sam finally broke down and bought a riding lawnmower and a trailer to haul it with.  So he finished up the pasture mowing while I whacked down weeds and trimmed up some of the trees.  I also picked out some red paint for the gates.  I got the primer coat done, and will need to head out there this afternoon and  finish up the top coats.  My index finger is still numb from yesterday’s spraying adventure!  Weird.

The chicks are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday morning sometime, so Sam has taken that morning off so we can go to the post office and pick them up.  100 chicks will take me forever to get unpacked and into their brooder boxes.  I have no clue what I’m doing with these guys and I’m really nervous I’m gonna end up killing them all.  They’ll be in our basement for the next 3 – 4 weeks, and I’m also not looking forward to that smell!

The cow is still on too.  We have a very helpful source for a dairy cow if we can ever find some time to get up to his farm and take a peek at his stock.  We still have to get the barn mucked out before we can even think about putting a cow out on the farm, but that’s on the agenda for this week – baring any loss of limb that is.  I’m not in as big a hurry to get her, as I’m feeling a bit out of my league with all these animals – I’m such a city girl, but I’m looking forward to finding out just how to squeeze milk out of her body.  Poor girl, she’s in for a real shock when she meets me!

Ah, this is the life.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself as I drag my sore, tired, scratched, and bruised up body out of bed every morning.  On the plus side though, this is way better exercise than crunches!


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