Big decisions, small decisions

For many years I’ve heard married couples joke about who makes all the decisions in the house.  Often the joke goes something like, “I make all the small decisions and they make all the big decisions………and I let them know when it’s a big decision!”

Right now, Sam and I are facing a plethora of decisions to be made – some big and some not so big.  But of all the decisions on our plate at the moment, the hardest one involves paint choices.  Should we paint, or should we not paint?  Do we go bold and vivid, or natural and toned?  Do we paint every room a different color, or just pick a few accent walls?  If it were solely up to me, I’d probably have a different paint color in nearly every room of the house.  I think it gives the rooms personality and makes them interesting.  My beloved on the other hand thinks vanilla is an appropriate and interesting color scheme and should be maintained in all rooms of a house.

We’ve lived in our house for over two years now and we’ve I’ve painted one room – the powder room.    And Sam only agreed to that as it was a part of our basement renovation project because we had a really cool bucket sink specially built especially for that bathroom.  It was frivolous.  I’m over being frivolous….for now anyway.  However, the great paint debate is back on.

Yesterday I moved the  dogs into their new space – the part of the addition we have affectionately nicknamed “the Barn”.  We only call it that because we plan to put the rabbits out there and because the dogs were stinking up the basement too much.  Yes, I know, I know.  We spent all that money to finish the basement last year so we’d have a place especially for the dogs to live – they even have their own bathroom.  But that plan just didn’t work out so well for us.  Again, it was frivolous spending.  I told you, I’m over being frivolous…..for now.  So we added the sunroom/enclosed patio addition onto the house so the dogs and rabbits could peacefully coexist together outside the human’s living space, thus keeping their various odors and aromas away from any noses that might be more sensitive.

Anyway, I as I was scrubbing the red Georgia clay off the walls, baseboards, and out of the grout lines of the tile floors in the basement I was considering what colors I should paint the rooms around me.  I’m ashamed to say that we haven’t done anything besides white primer on the walls, and its been a year now.  Talk about indecisive.  I guess neither Sam nor I could decide if this was a big decision or a small decision, so we just haven’t made any kind of a decision.  And considering I’m going to hosting a dinner and movie night in a couple of weeks, I think its high time someone made a decision here.

So I’m asking for your help – yes you….my lone reader.  What color should we paint the walls in  our basement?  We’re thinking something peaceful and relaxing, but we’re open to suggestions.  Currently, the space is broken up into three distinctive parts – my office (aka. the Library), the media room, and now a potential larder and spare bathroom.  The carpeting is fairly dark with tones of greens, burgundy, and tan in it.  And the tile floor is a light sand color.  Here are a few photos for you to get a better idea.

My office space (aka the Library)
My office space

The media room
The room formerly known as "the dog's room"

I’m open to suggestions here, especially since Sam and I really can’t decide on a color scheme.  Leave me a comment or two and help me to make this space livable, fun, enjoyable, and interesting.

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