Our weekend To-Do list…if it ever stops raining…

This weekend is going to be hit the ground runnin’ busy.  Here’s what  my To-Do list looks like:

* Grocery shopping

* Trip to the Farm for milk, eggs, and meat

* Build four raised beds in the garden

* Recondition Earth Box soil

* Plant early crop of sugar snap peas

* Put together Mantis rototiller to use in raised beds

* Pick up trash and dog poop in yard

* Clean out the garage

* Break down enormous pile of empty boxes for this week’s trash pile

* Clean the house and scrub bathrooms

* Plant peach tree

* Make farmhouse cheddar and mozzarella

* Brew Irish Red Ale

* Mop the floor in the dog’s room

* Pick out paint colors for living room, dining room, and basement

* Put down fresh pine straw in front landscaping beds

* Start shopping for a milk cow

* Organize our basement storage rooms

* Put together upside down planters

I don’t think I’ll get everything on this list accomplished, but I’m sure looking forward to trying!  What are your weekend plans?




2 responses to “Our weekend To-Do list…if it ever stops raining…

  1. Sam

    With that list waiting for me, I might just stay at work. 🙂

  2. Ever since I started gardening about 40 years ago (jeeze that dates me) I have always had a great appreciation for rain. Garden Landscaping

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