Nearly there, nearly there! Construction days 15 to 18

Well, despite the last three days of rain the construction project is nearly completed!  All that’s left to be done is some window caulking, minor clean-up, and the carpet installation.  We’re finally beginning to see the completed project.  In the next weekend or two I’ll be doing some furniture shopping, a bit of painting, possibly putting up a few curtains, and adding in all those homey touches that make any new construction project feel like home.  I can’t wait, and I believe the finish line is in sight!

The painter did a great job!

The stairs feel less dangerous now that we've got railings on them.

We finally have doors and windows!!!

More doors and windows.

The sunroom windows are going in beautifully.

All the windows are in place and the screens are being trimmed up.

The bottom screens are up is the extension ladder for the top screens.

The main entry door to the sunroom. I love it!

One thought on “Nearly there, nearly there! Construction days 15 to 18

  1. Contractor Support is very willing to work with us to make sure that we ended up with what we wanted. I can’t even count how many times we changed our minds about one particular part of the project and Dave (The contractor we hired through the service) not only helped us figure out what we wanted, but he was very good about making sure that the changes we wanted got done properly.

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