Construction day 7 to 10

Things are starting to really move along on our construction project.  Of course I’d like for this project to be fully finished by now, but what person loves to live in a construction zone?!  The walls and roof are done, the skylights are in, the A/C units are set, and the siding is going up.  The windows are on order, as is the carpeting, and hopefully, if the weather cooperates with us it will be done in the next week or ten days.  I’m so ready for that.  This project, like so many of them, has had a few snags and scrapes, mostly involving plumbers, sheet rockers, and extra cash – all of which I am not, nor do I have extra of.  Thankfully all the little “oops” are fixable.  On the down side, because of all the rain and foot traffic, our poor yard is quite a muddy, mucky, mess.  The bright side of that is, we know exactly where to put our formal foot paths this year.  Here are a few photos of what’s happened so far.

The front wall of the sunroom has been installed.

The knee wall and header board have gone in for the roof system.

We have a ceiling and skylights!

The front view of the addition - the siding is going on today.

Do you think 5 skylights was a bit of overkill?

The electric rough in.

While work on the house was progressing, Sam was searching for land!

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen...I think I see a smile there!

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