Construction day 6 and some minor weather delays

There isn’t much to post on the construction front.  As with most construction projects, weather is being a pill.  We’ve had rain, wind, cold, ice, and even some snow (*gasp*).  Thankfully all the snow has melted (due to the rain) but we still don’t have any construction crew this morning, and with the weather man’s predictions I doubt we’ll see them back before next week!  However, they did work their little fingers off last Thursday in finishing up the knee wall and prepping the enclosed patio for the window installation, and they’re now ready to begin framing up the roof and walls on the sunroom…at least once the weather evens out a bit and stops sending us moisture of various kinds.   There really isn’t much to show you as far as photos go, but here are a couple, just to keep you in the visual loop.

Construction day 6: The knee wall siding is up, the doors and windows are framed out.
Construction day 6: The side entrance to the patio.
Friday's weather report: 2"-3" wet snow, temps in the upper 20's, 100% chance of precipitation. Yep, they called this day right!

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