Oh Construction, how I’ve not missed you

And yet, you always manage to find your way into my life and pocketbook.  One would think that home ownership is a joy, but I’m here to tell you it’s mostly just expensive, and messy, and demanding, and expensive.  If it’s not one thing its something else.  The water heater will inevitably blow out during the coldest week of winter.  The air conditioner will go on the fritz during the hottest week of the summer.  The roof will leak during the rainy season, and the shrubs will take on a life of their own if you take your eyes off of them for more than a month.  Your fence will need repairing and your garage door opener won’t work half the time.  Ceiling fans will come loose creating the need to install hard hat signage, and you’ll be constantly replacing the batteries in your smoke alarms…mostly this happens at 2 a.m. when you’ve taken an excessive amount of nighttime cold medicine.  All in all, every person who owns a home must resign themselves to becoming a DIY maniac or snugging up to the local handyman.  Oh, and broke……yes, broke……that’s what home ownership is all about.  Learning to live without extra cash.

Last summer we spent about eight weeks finishing our basement.  We get tons of enjoyment out of it, don’t get me wrong, but living in a construction zone is a pain in the rump, period – no matter how capable, quick, or organized your construction crew is.  There is a never-ending supply of dust, grime, grit, cigarette butts, and cussing (well, skip the cussing and cigarette butts for Scott and Bill).  Construction always starts out clean and hopeful, but in the end you must embrace the mess.  Become one with the mess.  Learn to appreciate the beauty of concrete and drywall dust and stray nails and slivers of wood everywhere.

As we’re truly gluttons for punishment in the Burton household, we’ve undertaken another construction project.  We’re adding a sunroom and enclosed porch to our house.  We’re quite excited about the finished project, but it’s not finished yet.  In fact, we’re only on day two of a three-week project.  They say three weeks, but I always feel like I’ve stepped into The Money Pit when those words come out of a contractor’s mouth….

Here’s what’s happened so far.

Day 1

Before work began...
The deck addition is framed up and plywood sheeting is added.

Note:  I have no idea how it happened, but my house is two toned, and this is not intentional.  I don’t have a clue why part of it is darker than the rest, but it’s driving me nuts!  I think I need to look into a painter too……and the hits just keep on comin’!!

Lots of demolition debris scattered around the yard.
Side view of the addition - transom windows will be added between the deck and rock wall.

Day 2

The stairs are down.
The concrete footings are maked out and will be cut and dug today.

Oh, and for all my friends up North…notice we have zero snow.  The construction guys were wearing long sleeves and light jackets only.  The temps are in the 50’s, and the grass is even starting to green up in some spots.  Be jealous!


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