Hello my beauty

This weekend flew by so fast I’m not even sure I was present for all of it!  However, one of the things I was definitely present for was this……

The Kitchen Aid Pro 600 series has come to live at my house!  I’m so psyched about this new beauty.  It’s sleek, powerful, tall, shiny, and powerful.  Did I mention powerful?  It has a 575 watt motor and can handle a flour load of 14 cups of all-purpose flour!  Holy smokes, that’s a lot of flour folks!!  My family sized bread recipe only calls for 10 – 12 cups of flour and that makes 6 loaves.  Guess they don’t call it the professional series for nuthin’!  I’m completely in love here.

Of course I promptly brought it home, unboxed it, gave it a quick sudsy bath and broke it in.  Yesterday afternoon I made a double batch of pina collada cupcakes (I even bought some cute little beverage umbrellas to go on top of them…but I’ll save those for another post).  The mixer went to town and did everything I asked it to do without even so much as a groan.  I can’t wait for its maiden voyage of flour grinding!


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