Oh kripes!

I can see the headlines now:

Long anticipated arrival leads to unexpected disaster…

We’re on location where a happy homemaker in north Georgia has suffered an unexpected meltdown while attempting to grind her own grain for a loaf of bread.  Authorities report the middle-aged, overly enthusiastic, Pioneer-esque woman had received a 50 pound shipment of white wheat today and immediately set to grinding some of it for baking purposes.  However, her daily plans were thwarted as smoke fumes began pouring from the back of her stand mixer, which subsequently burned up half way through her first batch of wheat.  At this time no determination has been made as to why the mixer shorted out, or how long the woman will be out of commission.  Sources tell us she is expected to make a full recovery though and plans to return to her grinding once she has secured a replacement mixer.  Now back to you Tom…………..

Oh my life!


2 thoughts on “Oh kripes!

  1. Haha, sounds like some drama.

    I can’t believe how crunchy you’re becoming! *chuckle* I have the nutrimill. We got it with our tax money last year. It is so super easy. No maintenance. No burning or exploding.

    Where did you get your white wheat berries? I have sources for red berries, but not for white yet. I mostly make yeast breads etc. and the red works fine for pancakes too, but I’d like some good white for making softer cakes etc.

  2. We looked into the Nutrimill and other electric grinders, but decided to buy an attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer instead (we have the meat grinder and love it). Guess I should have opted for the separate grinder instead. Although, to be fair the mixer wasn’t workin’ too great the other day when I was trying to make meringue – it wasn’t whipping very fast and kept tripping the circuit breaker on the highest speed. On the positive side, I get a new Kitchen Aid mixer, and who doesn’t love that?!

    The white wheat berries came from Honeyville Grain. It was 50 lbs. for $46.99 + $4.49 S/H = $51.48. We discovered after ordering it though that we can get a 50 lb. bag of white wheat at Harry’s Farmers Market for $30 (red is $28), so next time we’ll get it from there instead.

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