Christmas Memories

I’m a bit sad this week.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was carefully unwrapping all my beautiful Christmas baubles and ornaments, placing them gently on the trees.  Stringing up yards of garland and raffia ribbon and cinnamon scented pine cones along my banister.  Arranging and re-arranging lights and Santa’s and Snowmen and candles.  Primping wreaths and fluffing trees.  Wrapping presents and adding sparkly bows before neatly tucking them under our enormous living room tree.  Sitting in quiet anticipation in the soft glow of twinkling lights as we counted down the days to Christmas morning.

I do love Christmas time.  It still brings a sense of magical wonder over me.  I am enthralled by all the colorful lights, and shimmering icicles, and glitter covered snowflakes.  The smell of pine and berries and cinnamon hang heady in the air making me tipsy with delight.  Sand still clings to the corners of my eyes and my hair is all askew as I snap early morning photos of our gift exchange.  And I smile in admiration as my beloved “oohhhhsss and aaaahhhhssss” over his presents, all of which I’ve taken great care to pick out and wrap.

This year was a success as far as the loot goes.  Both of us got everything we wanted, plus.  We are so blessed.  But Christmas isn’t just about the lights and trees and presents and parties.  Christmas lives on long after the decorations have been packed away and the pine needles have been vacuumed up.  Christmas isn’t just a holiday we celebrate on December 25th, but the beginning of a journey that doesn’t end until Resurrection Sunday (Easter).

You see, Christ’s birth started the whole Christmas giving tradition…it’s even in the name!   I hope you’ve discovered the true source of Christmas this year – the source that doesn’t fade away once all the Christmas garb is gone.

Jesus – he’s the gift that keeps on living!


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