Winter Garden

Such a sad thing for me to see a heavy frost covering the leaves of our tender crops.  The only thing left in our winter garden now are a few Brussel Sprouts, and I think this cold snap has finally gotten to them.   I can’t complain really – it’s just three days now to Christmas and we’re still enjoying the last fresh-picked remnants of our garden bounty.  Most folks have been bundled in their long johns for months now – shoveling snow into great piles along their walk ways; sprinkling rock salt as they go.  Oh how I do not miss that chore.  It won’t be long though before we see the first tender shoots of new growth.  We’ll begin planting some of our seeds this weekend; and before we know it, our basement will be a virtual forest of seedlings ready to be transplanted.  I know summer will be upon us very soon and we’ll be busy as honey bees planting and weeding, tending and nurturing, harvesting and canning.


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