East of Eden Farms blog

I read a quote from a national produce grower out in California a few weeks back in a book on how easy it is to obtain the maximum nutrition from your garden. The grower said, “I don’t care what’s on it, or what’s in it, or what it tastes like, so long as it’s in the right shape and the right number will pack into a box and the box will pass the inspector.” I found this quote quite disturbing, especially in light of how many chemicals are used to produce bigger, better, and more aesthetically pleasing produce, while consistently sacrificing flavor and nutrition.

“Then God planted a garden east of Eden…” Genesis 2:8

For those of you who’ve asked for more information on what East of Eden Farms is all about, we now have a BLOG that we will be using as we journal our way though our various endeavors to create our own edible suburb. Today was our first post on the site and it gives a very brief explanation of what we hope to accomplish with East of Eden Farms. We have a lot of work to do and so much information we want to pass on to y’all.

The BLOG, and moreover the farm, is a culmination of several things – the desire to eat better by reducing our consumption of chemicals, preservatives, and growth hormones; the need to provide even just a small portion of our own fruits and vegetables which will help us to achieve a level of self-sufficiency and a freedom in our budget; and the yearning to break free from the ball-and-chain of convenience shopping, which is a multi-billion dollar industry for big-Agra and big-Government.

As you’ll soon discover from the BLOG, part of our farm philosophy is to create an edible suburb in our own back yard. We know that not everyone can (or will) run out and buy 10, 20, 50, or 100+ acres of land and create their own self-sufficient compound. We can’t – its just not realistic. Our jobs are here. Our life is where we are right now. We live in town. We have a Home Owners Association (HOA) to contend with. There are lots of restrictions that we have to work within (not just HOA imposed but also city and county imposed). But we still believe that even on our little half acre of earth we can be as self-sufficient as possible if we’re creative and willing to put a little bit of sweat-equity into it.

The journey will be fun. The blog posts will likely flow in spurts as we don’t always have time to garden and post on the same day, but don’t give up on us. I can imagine that there will be some wild twists and turns in the plan, but we look forward to sharing our story with you and hopefully inspiring you to get out there and do something good for yourself and your family! Lets all eat smarter.


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