What am I supposed to do?

I’m in an utter quandary here, and I have been for a while. I’ve been praying like mad over these questions, but all I get is silence. I’ve tried to talk them over with my beloved and all I get is pertinaciousness. So I ask you:

Whadda ya do when your dreams for the future change so radically you’re at an impasse with the one you love? How do you reconcile when there isn’t going to be a way to compromise?

Do you give up your dreams so your beloved won’t be unhappy? And if you do that, how do you deal with the death of your own happiness?

Or, do you insist on following your dreams even when you know it could utterly destroy all that you’ve worked for, sacrificed for, and attained? How do you know a dream is worth that? Is there a dream that is so noble, so grand, so worth while its okay to risk everything to have it?

And what do you do if you do risk it all, lose it all, and then discover that the dream wasn’t really worth it, but now you’re stuck in your own mud hole…alone? How do you cope?

A very introspective and wise friend recently said, “There is a time in the development of your dreams when hope seems to have turned into a prison.” I know that feeling. Some days it even goes beyond being a prison, and becomes an ever tightening noose.

So many questions, and so few satisfactory answers. So I wait…………….


One thought on “What am I supposed to do?

  1. Niecey

    I'm not sure what your dilemma is, but I think for big issues like these, counseling is always a wonderful thing. It can be great to talk things over with someone impartial. I'll pray for you. I don't know the situation but God does.

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