Are you out there God?

Recently on a blog I frequent the question was posed, “What is God doing in your life?” I’ve read through some of the comments and was both interested and saddened at what people had to say on the subject. Many of the comments reflected a teachable attitude. And then there were others who were completely open and honest and said that they haven’t seen God doing anything; even when they’re searching, praying, and trusting. And one commenter even went so far as to say that in the past six months they’ve nearly come to the conclusion that “the God of the Bible isn’t real at all.” My heart just broke over this one. Their hopelessness was acute.

For many people God isn’t real to them. He is just this grand delusion who, if He even exists, sits “somewhere” outside of it all, just watching the chaos and mayhem from a safe distance. Never intervening on our behalf. Never helping. Never changing things. Just letting things happen – both the good and the bad. People are losing their jobs. Their homes. Their families are falling apart. Their world is crashing down around their ankles and they’re crying out to God to rescue them……………and nothing happens. Therefore, this must mean that he naturally doesn’t exist, right?

And then there are others who seem to always have things going their way. They just got a big raise at work. They just parked a brand new car in their garage. They have a happy home and family. They vacation in Aspen every winter. And nothing bad ever seems to happen to them. It seems like God has “chosen” to show them special favor. When their kids get so much as a runny nose they pray for healing and voila, healing happens. They spout off about how good God has been to them and how blessed they are (and they are), so naturally God must exist, right?

But what’s the real answer here? Does God exist? Is He active in our lives? Does He answer our prayers?

These are really hard questions, but ones that are asked every single day. You see, people do get sick and die. Kids do get hurt. People do lose their jobs and homes and sometimes even their families. Life happens, and sometime…no, lots of times, life just plain stinks. And there are millions of people – good people, who cry out to God wanting him to fix things. Desperate for Him to make it all just go away and give them sunshine and rainbows all the time. And God seems to not be listening…..or at least that’s our perception, since He’s not rushing to our aid and giving us everything we want.

But the truth is, He doesn’t work like that. He isn’t our personal handyman; someone we can call on when life seems to have clogged up the crapper. We can’t just expect him to swoop in and fix it all and then allow us to go on our merry way, living life for ourselves without a second though of Him.

He wants a real relationship with us. He wants us to seek him every single day. He wants us to talk to him every single day. He wants us to spend time with him every single day. He takes us just as we are, but he asks us to commit to Him. To love Him. To trust Him. To live our lives like we really belong to Him. And even when we do that, He doesn’t promise to give us a life without trials. He never promised to make us wealthy. Or healthy. Or to give us our every little desire. But what He does promise us is a life of peace – inner peace – and the assurance that He’s going to take care of us. A knowing that even when our life seems to be spinning out of control He’s still in control. That whole “Jesus take the wheel” kind of peace.

So I ask you, “What is God doing in your life right now?”


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