Me and Mr. Santa!

I didn’t think it could happen, but I’ve got a thing goin’ on with Mr. Santa (sorry, too much Michael Bubble – don’t you just love that guy?!). In all seriousness, Santa (AKA Sam) visited my house last night. And I didn’t even have to bribe him with cookies and milk.

One thing you have to know about Mr. Santa (AKA Sam) is that he is very much a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas presents and when you can open them. He loves to give, and he usually picks out some totally awesome presents (well, there was one unfortunate jewelry incident, but we’ll talk about that another day). But the maddening thing about him is, he doesn’t give any hints, clues, or even let you see the box(es) until a day or two before Christmas. Even then he’s a huge stickler about touching them. He is a genuine ‘surprise’ kinda guy. And what’s worse is, he doesn’t even believe in opening one present on Christmas Eve! He’s a tough man to live with I tell you.

Yesterday was a monumental day in Mr. Santa’s life. He totally broke with tradition and gave me my present early. That’s right folks…I said EARLY! Woo-hoo!!! He was having a completely spontaneous day – and they don’t happen but once every twelve years! We’re heading out of town this weekend to look at some farm property in Kentucky and he thought my present would come in pretty handy while we’re there. He primed me with the news of our trip yesterday morning and tempted me with the thought of getting my present early. So all day long I obsessed over what my gift could possibly be. I knew how much he spent on it because I asked (its only fair for me to reciprocate at the same level) and I was wracking my brain all day trying to figure out what it was that he would have bought me. Nothing on my “list” was in that price range – it was all either lower or higher, so I was totally at a loss.

After dinner he brought in this huge box and I was even more perplexed. I could tell that he was sweatin’ over giving me the present early, so I let it sit on the couch for a while as I continued to clean up our dinner dishes. He was thinking it over pretty good, but finally he called me over and wanted me to go ahead and open it. I was all too happy to oblige him as I hate waiting on presents, and I don’t really like surprises. I’m a spill your guts kinda girl when it comes to presents…I’m just sayin’.

I will tell you that what was inside the box totally shocked me! I hadn’t expected it at all, and was completely speechless. Which translated to Mr. Santa that I didn’t like it. He was so.very.wrong – I LOVE IT! So, ya wanna see what I got???

Cannon Rebel T1i digital camera with 18-55mm lens

75-300mm telephoto zoom lens

72 mm 2x telephoto lens

50mm wide angle lens

HD macro lens (in black)

2 4GB memory cards

all-in-one memory card reader for faster downloads and better image management

slave flash

camera tripod with quick release mounting bracket

equipment backpack for easy storage and toting

I must have been a very good girl this year! Thank you Mr. Santa – I love you!


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