Just one thing…

Are you a journaler? I am. Besides this blog, I have several journals I write in somewhat regularly.

I have a weight loss journal where I keep track of my wins and losses in regard to my weight, dieting battles, health problems, low-fat recipes, food addictions, etc. It also provides a roller coaster map of my fluctuating weight over the past several years….just reading that part makes me nauseous.

I have a writing journal where I jot down book ideas and outlines, articles I’d like to write, random thoughts, dreams – at least what I can remember of them, kids books, cookbook ideas and recipes, and any other miscellaneous thoughts that seem interesting to me.

I have a devotional journal where I write down insights from my daily devotional readings. Sometime the insights are profound, other times they’re just simple, common-sense deductions.

I also have a personal journal. This is my form of therapy (yes, I’m too cheap to pay for someone elses pontification on the story of my life). I write about how I’m feeling, issues I’m dealing with, problems in my life that are creating conflicting emotions within me. This is where I put down on paper my deepest, most secret wishes, desires, fears, joys, burdens, etc.

Some days my mind is nearly bursting with thoughts and my fingers are unable to keep up with them all. And there are other times when I seem to have run the well dry, and I go for weeks without any new, compelling, exciting, fresh thoughts. Much like this blog, the ups and downs in my life are also accompanied by sustained periods of mediocrity, complacency, normalcy, and predictability. It is easy to get comfortable during those times and to not seek inspiration from the Lord. It is nice to sometime put my life on cruise control and let momentum carry me to its inevitable end.

And then something happens and I’m once again challenged to be inspired. To come up with one new thought a day. To write about that thought, to reflect upon that thought, and to seek direction in that thought as to how to best apply it to my life.

So often I hear life compared to a garden. We grow and change just as plants do. And while some plants in the garden produce cascades of breath-taking flowers and abundant fruits year after year with little effort, other plants seem to require continual pruning, watering, fertilizing, care, and attention. In some cases, years of hard work are rewarded by only one, rare and unusual specimen which is ingloriously short-lived – the bloom is often spent by the next morning. Onlookers would say this is time wasted – tending so tediously to the needs of just one plant in the hope of obtaining a bloom. And yet, is it time wasted? Is that bloom so worthwhile, so rare, so divine that its ethereal nature demands our full attention? I think so.

“Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think on these things.” Philippians 4:8


One thought on “Just one thing…

  1. Niecey

    Wow. No. I keep baby books and my blog. That consumes enough time. But I think it's great that you do. I think debriefing and organizing thoughts can be so healing and healthy. As well as exercising your creativity in writing.

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