School days, school days, dear old Golden Rule days…

Many of you have asked me recently how school is going. I’m happy to report that school is still school. I have teachers and books and even a Big Chief tablet and an overly fat pencil. Okay, I’m joking about the Big Chief tablet and pencil – do they even make those anymore????

Seriously though, school is going very well. I will admit that it has been difficult to stay motivated, especially when I look at the humongous stack of books I have to read and write book reports on. I’d happily pay someone else to do that for me. I think I’ve got about $3 in my wallet – any takers?! I realize it’s not an overly generous offer, but you’ve got to remember, I’m a college student, and a broke one at that.

I have turned in several papers already and my grades so far have been most pleasing. Thankfully I have a very competent proof-reader, who often makes much more sense than I do when it comes to writing, so I’ve been getting lots of really excellent pointers which have helped tremendously.

I am one test away from completing my first class – just waiting on a grade from my last paper so I know how much I’m going to have to cheat on my final exam in order to pass the class. Not really!!! I’m not a cheater but I had you going there for a minute didn’t I? Didn’t I??….. Hello?……… Hello?…………. Is anyone there???……….. *tap* *tap* *tap*

Anyway, once that class is completed I’ve only got four more to go in this semester. After that, I’m not really sure how many more classes I’ll have to take before I’ll be done with my degree. And what degree is that, you ask? Bachelors of Arts in Christian Management & Leadership. That’s right folks…I want to start my own empire and take over the world like so many other great leaders in our history, *muuhaawwwhahahahaha* I just plan to do it cloaked in a white robe and sporting a beard. Well, the beard might be a bit over the top – the Big Top that is!

In all seriousness I have no idea how I’m going to put my degree to use. Isn’t that what all college students say??? What I’d like to do is become a Christian motivational speaker and write inspirational stories and articles. I’d also like to be involved in some type of co-ministry work with Sam – either on staff with a local church, or in a para-church ministry like Recession Proof World. What will I end up doing though? I’m thinking something along the lines of…………”Welcome to Wal-Mart!”

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