How Does Your Garden Grow?…Fall Crops

Sam and I were driving out to our hunting land on Saturday morning and I noticed a few of the flea markets and roadside stands already have corn stalks and gourds up for sale. And I even caught a hint of fall color on some of the maple and ash trees. Where did our summer go? I find it so hard to believe that we’re already past Labor Day! The days here are so pleasant – in the low 80s, and the nights are dipping into the low 60s, which means its time to start thinking about those yummy cool season crops – things like cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuces, brussel sprouts, lima beans, pumpkins and winter squash of every kind.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been slowly (ever so slowly it seems) working our fall crops into the garden. Our tomatoes and squash have been done for nearly two months now so we’ve been prepping the raised beds to over-winter our onion and garlic crop, as well as planting a few late season bibb lettuces and sugar snap peas.

On Saturday evening we decided to bite the bullet and compost what was left of our (seemingly never ending) poblano, jalapeno, and bell pepper crop. The plants were still quite large and leafy, but they haven’t blossomed in several weeks now and the peppers that we had yet to harvest were just turning red for lack of freezer space (and desire to harvest them – on my part anyway). We now have six EarthBoxes full of baby brussel sprouts – mmmm, I can’t wait for those to be ready – I just hope we have an extra freezer by then!


2 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?…Fall Crops

  1. Niecey

    I'm always so excited to hear about your garden. Mine is all but dead now. I still have some tomatoes and peppers on the go and some cantaloupe. The squash bugs devastated my pumpkin and zucchini and yellow squash. But at least I did harvest some of each. They are now going to town on the melons though so I don't expect them to last much longer. I'll do things differently net year for sure.

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