Calling all cooks!!! I need you…

Sam has put me on a project for Recession Proof Living that requires your help!!!

As many of you know, Sam and I have a passion for helping people get out of debt and on the road to financial freedom – that’s why Sam wrote IOU NO MORE. And in our current economic crunch nearly every family is feeling the squeeze at one level or another. If we’re honest about it, we’re all looking for ways to save a few dollars here and there without compromising on comfort.

One of the major ways we can save money is in the way we shop and eat. In our research for Recession Proof Living we’ve discovered an astounding and interesting phenomenon that pertains to our food habits. People shop, cook, and eat with the economy. In times of plenty people eat more richly – more steaks, seafood, exotic fruits and cheeses, expensive wines, and rich desserts; however in our current time of lean a survivalist instinct seems to take over and people fill their cupboards with rice, pasta, beans, canned vegetables, soups, and casserole fixins. And while lots of folks eat more simply all the time, there are many more who are lost when it comes to finding tasty and inexpensive alternatives for supper.

Food costs are the #1 budget buster in any financial program you’ll encounter, and we receive hundreds of budget question emails each month from people who want to feed their family but just can’t seem to find a way to do it inexpensively without sacrificing taste and nutrition. We may say we’re gonna switch from filet mignon to the mac-n-cheese diet (or my personal favorite, Ramen noodles), but in reality not many people can make that type of long term commitment.

Here’s where you come in – I need your help in coming up with a cookbook full of recipes that cost less than $10 to make for a family of 4 people (you can spend a bit more if you’re cooking for more people). I need recipes of all kinds – appetizers, beverages, breakfasts, soups and stews, main dishes, vegetarian recipes, vegetable dishes, desserts, snacks, and whatever else you guys cook on the cheap. I promise to give you full credit for the recipe, and if we use your recipe in the cookbook we’ll even send you a copy of the e-cookbook once it’s completed. Keep in mind, these meals need to be tried and true recipes that are practical, economical, and tasty.

You can email recipes to I will be collecting your recipes up through Halloween. I look forward to all your yummy submissions!


One thought on “Calling all cooks!!! I need you…

  1. Estee Renee

    What a great idea! I'll put my mind to the test and see what I can come up with… Do you have a timeline in mind for completion?

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