Leavin’ on a jet plane…

Well, not really – we’re driving to Florida for the weekend. The dogs have been delivered to the kennel this morning and I’m going to head upstairs to start packing. We leave tomorrow morning and head to Jacksonville for Sam’s niece’s wedding on Saturday. She is going to be a beautiful bride, I just know it! Sam is going to do part of the ceremony – he was so honored when they asked him. He picked his suit up yesterday afternoon and the alterations are perfect. He’s so handsome – I’m such a lucky girl – I just hope I look good enough to be seen with him.

Early Sunday morning we’ll jet down to Bradenton – my Dad has organized a 90th birthday party for my Gram. I can’t believe she made it to 90! I don’t want to live that long, I can tell you that right now. She has Alzheimer’s and it’s so sad to see the gem of a woman I’ve known all my life as my beautiful Gram become a shell of herself. My Uncle and Aunt from Kansas are flying in as well for it and they’re bringing their daughter who is a year or two younger than I am – its been at least four or five years since I’ve seen them last. Although our time with them will be super short, I’m really looking forward to visiting with them and catching up on all that’s happening in their lives.

We’ll be driving home on Monday – ugh. The trip home is always the worst. Nine hours of sleep deprived boredom. Sam’s taking Tuesday off though so he can pick up the dogs from the kennel and have at least one day to himself to relax a little bit. I’ll post photos next week.

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