The woes of rust and turquoise dress shirts

Sam’s niece is getting married next weekend in Florida and her wedding colors are rust and turquoise. Sam is performing the majority of the wedding and therefore should look somewhat matched with the rest of the wedding party – at least that’s my opinion. He has taken both of his suits in to be altered (they looked like hobo outfits on him before the alterations) and we’ll pick those up this week. The problem is, we’re having the hardest time finding dress shirts in rust or turquoise.

This afternoon we spent nearly four hours scouring every men’s store in the mall and even checked out the Men’s Warehouse; but alas we have returned home empty handed. We found loads of gorgeous dress shirts – shirts that Sam would have been delighted to wear, but none that were rust or turquoise in his size. Gggggrrrrrr!!!! This is the tax free back to school shopping weekend so every store was packed to the gills with loud and sweaty adolescents as well which just added to our frustrations.

So for those of you who are looking to buy rust or turquoise colored dress shirts for fall I recommend you avoid Georgia and just keep on driving south – those colors are always in season in Florida!


One thought on “The woes of rust and turquoise dress shirts

  1. Anonymous

    Yes you are right that Florida does have every color under the sun !! Maybe when you get to Jacksonvill you can get a shirt. That or white is always a good fallback our just ti-die a shirt. Way to many ideas had better quit while ahead. See you in Florida soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Dad

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