Sam tossed my cookies!

Let me just begin this post by saying how much I love the South Beach diet. Sam and I are both still losing weight and we’re both nearing the 60 pounds lost mark. In fact, in another ten or twelve pounds and I’ll weigh what I did when I graduated from High School…mind you it’s the same weight as a baby elephant, but the point is that I’m still losing.

The day before I left for Kansas a week or so ago Sam and I had a fairly large harvest of produce from our garden – far more than Sam would be able to preserve by himself, so we decided to do the neighborly thing and take some bags of veggies around to our five closest neighbors. They were all so appreciative and we were happy to share our abundance with them. Yesterday as I’m fixing dinner the doorbell rings and I see that it’s one of my neighbors…and she’s holding a gift bag. I just want to interject here that I’m a sucker for presents – I’ll never turn them down!

I opened the front door widely to welcome her into the foyer and my eyes greedily surveyed the shiny green gift bag in her hand. As I took her offering I noticed a slight warmth permeating the foil bag and the distinctively sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies began to tickle my nose. Immediately my mouth began to water and my eyes teared up – she thought I was just overly touched by her kind gesture, which I was; but moreover I knew I wasn’t going to be able to indulge in the delicious smelling contents of her gift. As she made her way happily down my driveway I peered inside the bag….

Oh man my life really looked bleak as I stared at an enormous pile of freshly made, warm and gooey, chocolate chip cookies. And suddenly I forgot how much I want to be a size 6. I began to rationalize that being thin was a ridiculous notion, especially considering how much I like to eat and how full of food the world really is. And before I knew it, I nearly choked on all the saliva that had suddenly gushed forth in my mouth. I wanted those cookies, and I wanted them badly!

I managed to set the bag down on the corner of the counter and walk away. I busied myself with the remainder of our dinner preparations and tried to fight back the thousands of reasons I would be able to have a cookie or two. Sam came home from work right on time (just as I was about to sneak a cookie by the way) and we proceeded with our usual nightly activities. After dinner however I couldn’t resist any longer; besides, it would be rude to not at least try one cookie so I could comment on how good they were without lying. And that cookie was good. So good in fact I ended up secretly eating four more after it!

It was like giving a junkie a bong and assuming they wouldn’t use it. Oh I felt incredibly guilty, you can be sure of that; but I wanted to eat the whole darned bag right then and there – get all the calories out of the way at one time – silence the chocolate chip cookie craving for good – and then take some MediPrep so I could purge the sin from my body for good. It sounded like a brilliant win-win plan to me, but Sam read my mind, and as quickly as the fledgling plan had taken root he snatched the bag out from under my nose and chucked the contents in the trash bin in one fluid motion. And that was that. Potential diet disaster avoided – thank you Beloved………..I think………..


2 thoughts on “Sam tossed my cookies!

  1. Niecey

    Oh man, Rene would live to regret it had he done such a thing. You guys are doing awesome! I'm inspired by your strength. Good for you. Hey, at least you only way a *baby* elephant. Couldn't say the same myself.

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