Dorothy….what have I done???

I’m sitting at the kitchen table of my Aunt’s house, staring out the patio doors at a beautifully wide open field behind their house. Well, actually, the field completely surrounds their house…for miles! They live in the middle of Kansas and I’d forgotten just how wide open it is and how much the wind blows here. They have amazing views of the farmland and I took the opportunity to enjoy it first thing this morning. I arrived yesterday, just in time for a lovely downpour, dime sized hail, and tornado warnings….ah yes, it’s good to be home! It looks like the clouds are rolling through again and we may just end up getting another good rain storm before the day is out. On the upside though, I’ve eaten Mexican food twice since I’ve been in town (yes, I realize it’s not exactly the best thing on SB diet, but I managed to avoid the chips and salsa at lunch – that’s gotta count for something, right?!).

The main purpose of this trip was to come out and meet my sister, Stacy, which I’ve done now, so I’m ready to go home. Just kidding….I think….. Anyway, we’re having a BBQ out here today for the entire family – well, at least the ones that live close enough to get here anyway. I’m looking forward to spending time with her and her family as well as my family – some of which I haven’t seen in over a dozen years. Where does the time go?! I wish that my beloved were here to join us but instead he’s at home eating heaven only knows what and pampering the pooches for me. Man I miss that brood, and Sam too!

But the day has begun and I must get a move on. Hope your week is going as well as mine is so far.


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