Ugh oh!

Sunday morning dawned bright and early. I was certain it was going to be a beautiful and relaxing day for us, and I hoped that the extra long weekend would delay the work week doldrums that Sam often experiences on Sunday afternoon. I poured myself a hot cup of coffee and made my way to my desk to check my email and do some farmin’ on Facebook. Wouldn’t you know it, not 15 seconds after I’d taken my first sip of coffee and set it down our new dog, Eli decided he wanted to know what was in the cup. Counter surfing has never been a favorite doggie past time of mine, and it seems that we have a new pup who thinks it’s a grand plan.

I quickly reached for my full coffee cup, but he was quicker. As his black nose grazed the cup my virtual world flashed instantly before my eyes, and before I knew it my computer was covered in hot, hazelnut coffee. The screen began to flicker and Eli, sensing he’d done something he shouldn’t have bolted to the media room. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to retrieve the fresh roll of paper towels I’d brought down the day before. I sopped and mopped for a good 5 minutes; all the while hoping and praying that everything would be just fine. Of all the advances in technology, I still don’t understand why it is that computer companies can’t seem to come up with a completely coffee proof machine! Unfortunately, the much despised Dell (which is less than 2 years old by the way) wasn’t a capable swimmer.

Later that afternoon Sam and I headed out to Best Buy to pick up a new laptop for me – it makes doing school work much easier ya know. A couple of months back we had to buy Sam a new laptop too as his crapped out on us – hard drive was fried, so we pretty much knew what the selection was going to be. And although I hadn’t originally planned on buying the same computer as his, I ended up choosing it in the end. It’s really huge (17″ widescreen with a full number keypad), but it makes watching movies and playing games so much fun. Sam geeked everything up for me on Sunday afternoon and I’ve been up and running ever since. There have been a few quirks to get used to with the new laptop but overall I’m quite happy with my choice….and the best part of all of it is, it’s not a Dell!


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