My favorite hand soap in all the world

It may seem strange to write about a hand soap, but I have never proclaimed to be normal. I’m really a fragrance hound when it comes to soaps, candles and potpourri, and I think its one of the things that drives my husband crazy. I mean, if this is something I’m going to have to smell on a frequent basis, I need to really like it. I think we are all that way to some extent. I can stand in a candle or soap aisle for several minutes, unscrewing lids, sniffing the contents, and then wrinkling up my nose in disgust.

So when I stumbled across Method’s Sweet Waters hand soap in Office Max a year or so ago I was somewhat skeptical as I unscrewed the cap. I took a sniff…and then another…and then another. It was light and cottony, but not overly artificial. I liked it enough to try a bottle of it. I found after the first use that I was hooked. Really, I was. Oh man I just can’t get enough of this stuff. It smells clean but not sterile. It leaves a soft and lingering fragrance on my hands, after I wash them and if I could find a way to cover my entire house in this scent I would. I’d love to have it as a body fragrance too. As always, its the simple things in life that really bring me the most pleasure.




2 responses to “My favorite hand soap in all the world

  1. Niecey

    The packaging is pretty. I'm all about packaging.

  2. Sam Burton

    It does smell nice. I'll grant that much.

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