Asking for prayer

Do you believe that prayer works? Do you believe that prayer can change things? Do you believe there is power when God’s people pray? I do. I know it’s a mighty weapon as I’ve seen prayer transform attitudes, minds, and hearts. I’ve seen people comforted through prayer and I’ve seen people moved by prayer. I’ve watched the storms of life disappear because of prayer and I’ve known dozens of people who’ve been able to weather those same storms through the power of prayer.

Prayer isn’t always instant though. In fact, more times than not it’s a slow process of requests lifted up fervently to God. The greatest example I’ve had in my life of prayer came from my Mom. She prayed for my Dad’s salvation for close to 15 years if not longer. And finally, one day he stopped fighting the drawing of the Holy Spirit. Oh what a happy day that was. There were some tough times in those first 15 years of their marriage, and I fully believe she only made it through because of her commitment to prayer. She’d stay up late to pray. She’d fast. She’d spend hours on her knees or on her face before God bringing her requests to him and laying her hurts before him. She’s an amazing prayer warrior and a true inspiration to the rest of us who don’t spend the kind of time in prayer we need to.

I’d like to be so bold as to ask y’all to pray for Sam and I. We have another six months left on Sam’s relocation contract, and we’re being proactive in our search for God’s will come January 2010. Without giving too many details that may sway your prayers, we’re praying specifically for our future and what God might have in store for us. If His will for us is staying put, that’s great. If it’s not, that’s great too. We’d like His doors to be open wide and in obvious ways, and the world’s doors to be slammed in our face. Our supreme desire is to be in the center of His will for our life, but sometimes our human desires just get in the way of that and mess everything up. We know God has a powerful plan for our life and there are great things on the horizon, but in the mean time we want to make sure we’re walking where he wants us to and on the path he has planned out for us. I hope its not too tall a request, but I’m asking for you to please commit to praying with us and for us for as long as it takes. There is much power when God’s people pray.

2 thoughts on “Asking for prayer

  1. alex

    Matthew 18:19 (New American Standard Bible) 19"Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask,it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. We shall pray for you- that God will let His will be known to you. Please pray the same for us.

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