Where do the weekends go?

It seems each weekend goes by a little faster than the last one did. We’ve had a marvelous two days, don’t get me wrong, but I’m pretty sure we were cheated out of at least seven or eight hours of it, possibly even more than that if you count sleeping time. Really, sleeping time shouldn’t count as a part of a weekend because you can’t really do anything while you’re asleep besides, well, sleep. I think I should submit that suggestion to Congress, does anyone have their phone number?

Yesterday Sam and I went to the movies and watched UP in 3D. It was awesome. I highly recommend it if you have kids. Wait, scratch that. I highly recommend it if you’re single. No wait, scratch that one too. I just highly recommend the movie period. It was awesome. Have I said that already? I think I did. It was really one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Very cute, super sentimental (even though its billed as a “kids” movie), the animation is just spectacular. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. Did I mention that I highly recommend it?

Today we spent a couple of hours at a local Siberian Husky breeder. We met a couple of very nice ladies who have about 30 sibes in their basement. It was awesome. They have quite an amazing set-up and some very beautiful dogs. Sam is considering one of their males, called Eli. He’s looking for a dog that is a dual purpose dog – he’d like to do bikejoring as well as a little bit of showing confirmation. We had a great time playing with the young man as well as socializing with a couple of ladies who love the breed as much as we do. Next weekend we’ll take Guinness and Iris over to meet him as the final test before we make our decision.

We also spent a few minutes out in the garden yesterday and today harvesting squash and zucchini. I’ve got two baskets full and overflowing with the lovely summer squash and I can see I’ll be placing some in the freezer for later use. The plants have just started producing and already I feel slightly overwhelmed with the size of our harvest. It is pretty exciting though to think that in just a couple of weeks time I’m going to have all the squash I could eat in a years time safely tucked away in my chest freezer just waiting to be pulled out and used in any number of ways. And it won’t matter if it’s the middle of winter when the grocery stores are charging $4.85 a pound for shriveled little squash replicas because squash isn’t in season anywhere except the Philippines; and at that time gas will be up to $9.00 a gallon so shipping squash over here from the Philippines is really out of the question. Wow that was a really long sentence! The point is, we’re well on our way to becoming veggie self sufficient, and that’s really exciting to me.

So what made your weekend wonderful?


One thought on “Where do the weekends go?

  1. Niecey

    I sooo know what you mean about the weekends disappearing. Jeepers. Ren and I hardly got half the stuff done which we needed to, and we feel like we hardly saw each other. And we're both exhausted. You have squash already? Did you start them real early? My plants are still quite young looking. I lost a couple in a severe thunderstorm/downpour, but I have a couple more, which are still small looking.

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