For some people, self-motivation is their life blood. For the rest of us though self-motivation is sometimes lacking if not all together absent. I’m having one of those kinds of days – the absent kind. I have several college lectures to listen to still, and I just plain don’t want to. As I’m an expert at making excuses, here are a few I’m trying to sell myself on so far:

* Its Friday and I don’t want to overtax my brain before the weekend.
* Its a gorgeous day outside and the grass needs to be mowed.
* I really should go downstairs and spend some quality time with the dogs so they don’t feel neglected and begin to resent me.
* If I don’t get out of this chair more often my back side will develop an unnatural shape. (Oh wait, that’s already happened and it had nothing to do with the chair…)
* I need the exercise and the mall is the perfect place for climate controlled walking.
* My fingers are going to develop unsightly callouses if I keep typing page after page of notes, so in order to avoid that I should go have a manicure instead.
* The garage needs a good sweep out.
* The refrigerator should be purged of all science experiments that are lurking in its bowels.
* Playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook really is educational…

I’m sure that somewhere in that list is a legitimate excuse for me not finishing up my lectures for the day. But alas, procrastinating will only further delay my progress in actually obtaining a college degree, and I know for a fact procrastination and laziness are what got me into this situation in the first place. So I’m off….


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