My boy

He’s off to the vet this morning and will hopefully come home less of a man. We tried this before, but because one of his testicles never properly descended into the sack (sorry y’all, it all sound sooo gross, and I’m trying to be as gentile as I possibly can about it) there will have to be a second incision on his right thigh. Poor boy.

And to top off today’s humiliation we believe he was stung by a bee yesterday. We didn’t notice it until this morning though. He was yelping and whining yesterday afternoon while out playing with Iris, but when I went outside to check on him he seemed pretty okay. I thought he might have twisted an ankle, but he seemed alright and was moving fine. However when Sam went down to get him this morning to take him to the vet’s office the whole top of his nose is swollen up at least 2 inches into a big knot and it seems a bit sore to the touch for him. I’m also concerned it will affect his breathing, but I don’t know as he was breathing through his mouth which is a pretty common occurrence for a big black dog. So, lets hope this little event doesn’t put the kaibosh on our little plan to make him a eunuch. Stay tuned….


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