I’ve been run over by a MACK truck

Okay, maybe I haven’t really been hit by a truck, but I sure do feel like it. I have more body aches and pains than any 33 year old woman should be allowed. I feel like a walking arthritis institute. My back aches, my hips ache, my knees ache, my ankles ache, my shoulders hurt, my neck hurts, my head aches, my hands are getting stiff and I’ve even managed to pick up a fire ant bite on my big toe, so it hurts too!

And I hate to say it, but since I’ve been losing weight the aches and pains seem more pronounced than they did when I was too fat for my own good. Why is that? Do you think the fat was providing a cushion for my bones to rest on? I certainly know that my stomach provided adequate shelf space for my bosoms to rest on, which in turn helped to minimize the back pain. Since my natural shelf has decreased by half or better gravity has been very unkind to my upper back. I’m seriously getting to the point where I’m about to go beg my doctor to prescribe a significant breast reduction. Maybe I can donate them to stem cell researchers. After all they are 100% fat and flab!

Today we spent the morning at the flea market and then shopping for various odds and ends to complete the basement. I wish I could say the shopping venture was successful and we’re done, but unfortunately we’re not even close yet. This afternoon I spent on my knees blue taping around the baseboards in the basement (no, they’re not painted yet – that’ll happen another day). The carpet estimate came in which means the carpeting is going to be installed in just a week or so and I’ve got to get these baseboards, windows, and doors completely painted before the carpeting goes in, because I don’t know about you, but the task of painting baseboards on top of freshly laid carpeting just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

Do you know that crawling around on a concrete floor for several hours leads to incredible amounts of joint and back pain? I realize it might have been a “duh” moment for you, but obviously I’m a bit slow on the uptake. Tonight I’ll be exploring the world of extra strength Midol and perhaps I’ll even be sleeping with Prince Valium. Hope your Saturday was brilliant!


One thought on “I’ve been run over by a MACK truck

  1. Anonymous

    I feel like that most every day join the old timers club gril friend!!! Your father probley had a pair of knee pads you could have baroad when you were their!! Or you could come soak in the hot tub just got out myself!! Well get used to the pain I guess, got to get ready for church and a nap.Had to work lastnight OOO boy!!!! Love Dad hay Sam she can handle the painting!!!!

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