Flea Market finds

This past Saturday morning Sam and I stopped into our local flea market. We’ve only been one other time and it was about a month after we moved to Georgia back in 2008, however we both had a great time that day and decided we’d check it out again. When we were there before we remembered some fresh produce stands and were hoping to pick up some inexpensive fruits and veggies so we can add some variety to our menus. Our garden is coming along great guns, but we won’t be ready to harvest anything for several more weeks and we are just getting sick and tired of frozen veggies.

It was a lovely summer morning – not too hot but very sunny. We arrived shortly after they opened and were pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t mobbed yet. We slowly made our way though the maze of makeshift tin buildings and rows of vendor stands – perusing stacks of Latin music CDs mixed in with antique tools and gadgets, most of which had seen better days. We listened as the booth owners chatted with each other as if they’d known one another all their lives. It was fun.

Just before we came to the end of the lot we found our way into the produce section. There were three stands, each with their own selection and assortment of fruits and veggies. The prices were remarkable compared to our local supermarket. We spent about $17 and ended up with several pounds of veg. Sam picked out some gorgeous habanero peppers which I’m sure will make their way into some home made jerk spice as well as a batch of chicken phaul. We also found the cutest little tomatillos – they are mini sized but spicy hot. Some giant red bell peppers which will likely end up in fajitas. Pablano peppers, avocados, tomatoes, and limes also made an appearance in our bags.

Last night I made up a spicy salsa verde sauce using about half of the mini tomatillos and served it over the top of mole grilled chicken. I also served a bright tomato guacamole with it that was outstanding. It was a fun weekend and I’m sure we’ll be back in a week or so, once we’ve finished up our current selection of tasty veggies.


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