Today my beloved wrote an awesome post on his blog (click —> HERE to view it) regarding time management. As I read through it, a song came to mind. A song that speaks on some level to every one of us. The title is “One Life” by 33 Miles, and it talks about the choices that two people make – choices that seemed right at the time, but only led to regrets later on.

Each of us have choices to make. Some are easy ones, while others are more difficult. The longer we do what it is that we do the more familiar the path becomes. But sometimes that path carries steep consequences for us all. Sometimes our sense of duty and responsibility leaves our loved ones feeling neglected and lonely. It’s too easy for us to over commit our time to others – forgetting what our priorities really are. Make time today for what’s really important in your life – those things that you’ll miss more than life itself if they were taken away from you.


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