Nothing to say

But I didn’t want y’all to think I’d fallen off the face of the planet. I’m still feeling quite silent just now. I haven’t had any huge waves of inspiration in the past couple of months, and that’s okay with me.

Just now I’m sitting in our office with the windows open and enjoying the cool breeze. We’ve been having occasional rain showers this afternoon so the temperature hasn’t soared yet. I can hear several different types of birds tweeting in some of the trees across the road. Their chirps are both methodical as well as soothing to me.

One of the blogs I have been following for the past couple of months details the adoption journey of a young couple in Ohio. The returned from their first trip to Russia a few weeks back and are playing the waiting game as they count down the days until they are invited to return again. I have very much enjoyed their story and the photos of their trip. It reminds me that life is a journey that must be walked day by day and step by step. In their case, they want to run ahead to the time when they are able to bring their boys home with them. I’m like that too some days – I would much rather run than walk to my destination. I forget however that I miss the scenery when I get in a hurry, and sometimes, scenery is the best part of the journey.

I need to get up from my chair and finish painting the powder room. I only have one wall left to do, but sometimes that last wall is the most difficult. I’m dreading the chore, but also expectantly looking forward to having the bathroom back together again.

The final touches are happening in the basement project as well. The guys hope to be done and gone by the end of the week. Today they’ve been working on the trim, installing ceiling fans, sconces and baseboards. The last major projects are the tile floor and the final installation of the pedestal sink and the toilet. Then it’s adios! We’re all anxious for that day I think.

Well, the breeze seems to have died down now. I guess that’s my sign to get up and finish my chores. Hope y’all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and are in the process of a fabulous week.


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