What is it with you people?

This afternoon I was sitting quietly in my living room enjoying the pleasant breeze after the rain and the silence was broken by a repetitious thump, thump, thumping. I perked my ears up and listened more closely, trying to determine what and where the sound might be coming from before I got up to investigate. After all, who wants to hunt around the house for a mysterious sound when they’re comfortably perched in their chair about to drift off to the land of Naps?

Anyway, I looked out the back windows and I see a group of 4 boys behind my house – probably between the ages of 9 -14 – standing in a semi-circle facing the neighbors fence. Curious. Very curious. As I’m watching them – hoping they’re going to be moving on – a loud crash confirms that one of the boys is throwing something violently at the fence. He bends over, picks up the object and then throws it again at the fence. The other three boys are watching in awe as their friend so skillfully (or not so skillfully) continues to pummel the fence with this clanging object. At first I thought it was a bottle of some kind, but as I observed the scene for a few moments I realized that it was a knife. These idiots (I’m trying to be nice) were throwing a knife at our neighbors new fence.

My first thought was, “honey, go get the gun” but I figured that was the wrong approach. My second thought was, I hope one of them gets hurt so they’ll learn their lesson. But I too quickly dismissed that as their parents would probably sue our neighbors for some convoluted reason (and win no less). So I did the only sensible thing – I called Sam in to witness the idiocy that is the common American boy. We stepped out on the back porch and he shouted out to them, “Not a good idea guys.” They turned around, trying to figure out who’d dare to rebuff them (it was probably the first time they’d ever heard something sensible like that), and then realized they should probably move on. And they did – to the next section of fence! Did they think we couldn’t see them? Or hear them? MORONS!!!! Honestly, what a bunch of dumb asses!

After another 10 minutes or so they decided to head home – which happens to be somewhere on our street. Great! I’m so proud to be living in a neighborhood where this is the type of reprobate that parents are raising.

In this day and age, as parents, do you really think it’s a good idea to allow your child to roam all over the neighborhood freely and unchecked? Do you realize that your child is able to easily get their hands on knives and guns without your consent? What is it you people are so darned wrapped up in that you can’t control your children? I realize that’s a pretty broad, sweeping statement, and not every parent is a bad parent. But what is it about controlling your children that is just so dadgum hard? Why is it that the kid always has the upper hand? Why is it that parents are afraid to be parents and teach their children how to behave? Do you not understand the concept of personal responsibility?

When a dog bites someone the owner is held responsible for the actions of an animal that is not able to reason. But when a child willfully and consciously tears up someone else’s property there is no accountability – no repercussions. If their child’s bad behavior is brought to the attention of the parents, they just shrug their shoulders and walk away – resigned to the misconception that there is no way their child could have ever done something like that. But really, how would they know what their child is capable of? They’re too busy at work or online or at the golf course to really know anything about the way their child acts. Do you people not see that you’re raising a generation of ingrates, degenerates, and criminals? If you can’t be bothered to step up to the plate and get involved in your kids lives and actually be a parent then have yourself sterilized. Stop creating “problems” that our tax dollars will have to support for the rest of our lives!


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