South Beach Diet update

I just noticed that its been a few weeks since I gave any kind of update on our weight loss progress. Let me put your minds at ease…

As anyone would expect, we didn’t remain completely SB friendly while we were in the Dominican Republic, although I will say that the food there wasn’t really that enjoyable.

Two of the things that really stood out to us food wise while we were there is the fact that bar drinks (even virgin ones) are loaded with sugar. Everything was super, sickly sweet – even the sodas. The second thing that was glaring in the food aspect was the amount of carbohydrates that are served. Most of the meals that were provided were buffet style. And like any buffet they had a fairly large selection of items, but as our eating habits have evolved we found ourselves really disappointed in the selection since 85% – 90% of the foods were starch based (rice, potatoes, plantain mash, oatmeal, breads, pastas, desserts, etc.). Even the veggie dishes were loaded with creme sauces and butter, which is really not the best for your system.

When we got home I found out that I’d gained a solid 5 pounds during our trip, which is the top end of what I thought I’d gain – and I do contribute it to all the beverages and desserts that I kept stuffing into my gob. But I’m happy to report that as of today I’ve not only lost the 5 pounds I gained, but an additional 3.5 pounds on top of that; bringing my total weight loss to 41.5 pounds so far – only 62 more pounds to go.

On a side note, I am fast approaching my first major weight loss goal, which was to drop below 200 pounds (my current weight today is at 207.5) so I know I’ll be celebrating that accomplishment in the next couple of weeks – yeah! Once I drop below two bills I will also be celebrating another milestone in this weight loss journey – I’ll be at 50% of my weight loss goal, which is 40% closer than I’ve ever been before! As Sam has pointed out to me already, I’m in uncharted waters right now as I have not been this low in weight (relatively speaking, of course) in over ten years. I love it. I do have more energy, and while I still don’t love the way I look I do feel more confident in my appearance, and I’m not quite as shy about having my photo taken now. Things are really starting to change.

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