EarthBox Gardening

One of the drawbacks of gardening in Georgia is the horrible soil. In Kentucky and even in Maine the soil is rich and black and full of natural nutrients that make gardening a true joy. But in Georgia, our soil is primarily red clay and rocks. It’s tough to dig in. It had the worst drainage properties. And tender gardening plants just don’t thrive in it naturally. In order to properly compensate for the poor soil conditions, we’ve built several raised beds. However, our yard is just not very level so raised beds become quite challenging. Because of this we supplement with one of the best self-watering products on the market called EarthBoxes.

If you’ve never heard of an EarthBox (<—click here) you really should check them out. They are amazing. They are the real deal as far as self-watering containers go. And they are pretty economical. Currently, we have about 14 of them, and we decided yesterday that we need to order at least 3 more.

EarthBoxes were designed to create a maximum gardening experience in a small space – like a patio, balcony, or porch. But even though they were originally designed for the small garden, many people who are doing “slow” farming and sustainable farming have adopted the EarthBox way of gardening. The planters are not overly huge, nor overly heavy, but they are super durable, and they work like a charm. Our experience has always been a harvest of bumper crops in our EarthBoxes compared to our beds. Of course for economy purposes, we still have raised beds, but if we could afford it we’d have all EarthBoxes.

This year, our EarthBoxes contain bell peppers, jalapenos, habaneros, poblanos, ghost peppers, cayennes, green beans and burgundy beans.


One thought on “EarthBox Gardening

  1. ~Mrs Sandy~

    I may have to try to go my own box. I agree it is really hard to get beautiful growth here in Ga…it can be so frustrating.

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