Updates Galore

This has been a very productive week at the Burton household. Construction is well underway in our basement, and the garden is beginning to come together. I love weeks like this! It was so nice this morning that I decided to mow the grass again since the back lawn had turned into a dandelion jungle! By the way, I happen to love dandelions – they are just so summer-y.

The basement already looks like a completely different space. This week we’ve seen wall come down, plumbing for the bathroom has begun, all the tray ceilings have been framed up, a closet has been added, and insulation has been put into the ceiling. Right now the photos of the progress just look like a bunch of boards, but I thought I’d share a few ‘before and now’ photos just for fun.


This is the current TV room at the bottom of the stairs. It’s quite a small room – only about 12′ x 14′ or so. It is going to be the library once it is completed.

This is the main room, which will be the family room once the project is done. Our TV will be mounted in front of the big open space in the middle of the room, and the fireplace will go below it. This room is pretty large and will be a perfect hang out spot.

This is a view from the family room into the dogs room. It was our multi-purpose room where all our gardening stuff and the dogs crates are located. When the room is done it will remain the dogs room, however a closet has been added and will hide the majority of the gardening tools and equipment. Thank you Contractor Bill for thinking to put that little necessity in! The black and white ‘peel-n-stick’ floor tile is going to go away and be covered up with some pretty neutral ceramic tiling.

This is a before photo of the bathroom. When we moved in, the previous owner had intended to turn it into a bar area, thus the need for the shelf. As you can see, it was a great ‘catch all’ spot, and we used it to feed the dogs and store some of our power tools. When the project is completed, this room will actually be a fully functioning bathroom! Yeah! No more running upstairs to pee during a movie!

Here is Contractor Bill (on the ladder) putting in some new plumbing lines so we can actually have water in the bathroom! He is of course being assisted (supervised) by Scott, who happens to be one of Sam’s cousins.

Here is a view of the tray ceiling in the family room. You can also see some of the insulation in the ceiling – that’ll be such an amazing help when we’re watching movies.

Another view of the framing and ceiling trays. It’s a maze of boards and tools, but they’re really gettin’ it knocked out!

Sam and I have been tasked with a Home Depot trip this weekend to pick out our tub, shower surround, bathroom hardware, ceiling fans, and wall sconces. The bathroom fixtures and drywall will go up next week and a few of these items on this list are necessary in order to get the right electrical wiring done before the drywall is hung. Really it is starting to come together, and we’re quite pleased with how well it is turning out.

While the guys were working in the basement, I have been spending most of my day out in the back yard planting, planting, planting. I put in 198 tomato plants this week – spread between six beds of various sizes. It was fun, and I’m happy to report that the plants didn’t shock as hard as I originally suspected they would. We still have about a hundred pepper plants of various kinds to get in the ground this weekend, however most of them will be planted in EarthBoxes.

Strawberry plants are doing well. Won’t be long before the vines are loaded with ripe, juicy berries!

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes….as far as the eye can see!


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