Vacation is officially over

Well, Sam’s vacation is officially over with now – bummer. I miss having him home with me. It makes me wish we were independently wealthy so we could do whatever the heck we wanted to, when we wanted, and where ever we felt like. But alas, we’re just a couple of poor working stiffs who happened to have a few days off.

Our trip to Savannah started our vacation out just right. I still can’t believe what a whimsical place it is; and I can’t wait to get back there again soon. Unfortunately, I spent most of Tuesday in the ER with these blasted kidney stones, and while for the most part I’m feeling better, I have had a couple of bouts with them throughout the week – yesterday was an all day event – miserable, I tell you.

The weather today is just gorgeous, and will be all week long. Too bad we couldn’t have had this kind of sunshine last week. Because of all the rain we didn’t get any outside gardening done at all, which is a complete bummer. Now we’re going to have to double-time it over the next couple of weekends as our plants will be ready to go outside within a couple of weeks now. We’ve still got two more raised beds to build, four beds that need soil in them, fencing to put up (to keep Iris the tomato thief out), Earth Boxes to set up, a couple of tomato towers to build, all the raised beds need to be stained before this season, and there are about a dozen various odds and ends that still have to be done as well.

On that note, I’m off to start moving plants outside to get some sun – it’s gonna be a full day for me.


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