More photos of Savannah coming soon

Hey y’all. I realize I’m behind on my trip photos – sorry about that. I meant to get them done and up today after my Bible study this morning, but I ended up in the ER instead.

This weekend while in Savannah, I started experiencing some abdominal discomfort – frankly, I felt like I had cramps. Now for those of you who know me, you know that it’s really impossible for me to have those kinds of cramps – so you can see why I was a bit concerned. Not wanting to ruin our trip though, I decided it would be best to just tough it out and make the best of it. I did have to go back to the room on Sunday and lie down for a while as I was just too sore to go on any further. The drive home was rather uneventful, and while I was still uncomfortable, I was mostly able to manage the pain with ibuprofen.

However, this morning as I was getting ready for Bible study, the pain seemed quite a bit worse than it had been. I decided to try and bear down and just get through Bible study, but half way into it I started vomiting. I rushed through our lesson (sorry about that ladies) and raced home (yes, I think I even sped a bit). As I pulled into the driveway I noticed Sam was no where to be seen – his truck was gone and for me that was a bad thing. I was in agony. I stumbled in the house and onto the couch. I laid there for about 15 minutes in writhing pain before I decided to call him and find out where he was.

Thankfully I have a very sensitive husband – and the moment he picked up and heard my strained voice he dropped what he was doing and rushed home to me. He gathered me up and put me in the car and raced me to the ER, which is about 20 minutes away – detouring at our regular doctor’s office first to make sure they couldn’t see me. Luckily for us the wait in the ER was only about 15 or 20 minutes, although it felt like ages longer. We ended up spending five hours total there – in which I was given plenty of fluids, nausea medicine, pain medicine via IV, they took about a pint of blood, a urine sample, and gave me a CT scan after I had to drink a liter of contrast liquids (ugh). The results were pretty good – despite my discomfort. It turns out I have one or more small kidney stones, all of which should pass on their own. Not too comforting if I say so myself – considering how miserable I was this morning. The doc wrote me a prescription for Vicodin – thank you Lord for pain killers – and sent me on my merry way.

I’m exhausted – vomiting and pain can really take a lot out of a girl – so I’m off to bed. I’ve had my night cap and hopefully I’ll be able to sleep really soundly tonight. And maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll wake up pain free tomorrow.


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