Ah, Savannah!

Yesterday afternoon was my first day in Savannah, and I already adore this town. It’s bustling streets are filled with quaint shoppes and eclectic street vendors selling everything from t-shirts to fine art and jewelry. Horse drawn carriage tours can be seen everywhere, sharing the old, narrow stone roads with local traffic. The old cobblestone streets and boardwalks down on the river give the town an ancient feeling that enhances its beauty and charm. The river walk is teeming with tourists darting in and out of buildings and restaurants, but if you stand there long enough you are able to hear the long gone wharf men – loading and unloading ships; merchants bartering with the Captain’s for the best price on their goods; even a politician or two in the background – welcoming you to their fine city of Savannah. It’s a magical place.

The city is rife with history. Every square – all 21 of them – have amazing stories of Savannah’s history associated with them. This town is steeped in an ancient refined culture, and as you walk the streets the architecture transports you back to a time when life in the South was gentile. When women were fragile and men were cultured, and everyone wanted to leave their own mark on the town – making it better; richer; more refined.

Today there is more walking and talking in our future. My sister’s-in-law and their husbands have all gone home, so it’s just Sam and I, but I bet we’ll find our way onto one of the many trolley tours and through several more of the row shoppes. I can’t wait!


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