If you don’t like the weather…

Wait five minutes….

We’ve probably all heard that expression. Well, in Georgia it’s really true! Last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the weather was unseasonably warm – up in the 80’s. It was spectacular. The trees seemed to burst forth in flower overnight. I was able to work out in the yard. I re-potted a ton of little tomato plants, and even put together some more raised beds.

Thursday was a completely different experience though. I woke up to rain drops splashing against my window pane, and temps in the 40’s! That’s a 40 degree drop! Yikes. We even had to turn our heater on for a bit to take the damp chill off the air. It stayed cold and nasty right through last night.

This morning I found myself staring out the windows into a thick blanket of pink fog. It was thick. It was eerie. And it was everywhere. I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep – the darkness seemed to press in all around me. I took some extra caution in driving to my ladies Bible study group and just marveled at how different this day was from yesterday.

At some point during our study, the sun broke free – burning off the thick, sleepy blanket, and by the end of our class we emerged beneath brilliantly clean blue skies, filled with fluffy white pillars of clouds. The birds were singing, and you could just hear the grass stretch toward the sky.

Totally awesome!


2 thoughts on “If you don’t like the weather…

  1. Niecey

    That’s the problem with Scotland. The whole, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes thing just doesn’t apply. there it’s more like, if you don’t like the weather, and can’t get a visa to move elsewhere, you might as well just take your own life, because it’s going to be this miserable and dreary every single day, and you’re going to feel helpless and hopeless and sad every single minute you live here. Visit Scotland, our weather’s crap and our people are miserable. But the beer tastes great!

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