Good news on this proper Scottish day

Well, our unusually sunny and warm weather of early last week has turned to proper Scottish rainy, cool weather as of Friday. But none the less, I was able to find good news amidst the gray skies and rain drops. I lost another 4 pounds this week! Total weight loss is 16 pounds in three weeks – only 82 pounds to go!

I will confess, that I stayed on Phase 1 for an extra week – just to make sure I didn’t cheat myself out of any extra rapid weight loss, but now, despite this weeks 4 pound loss I’m moving into my first week of Phase 2. I get to start adding some carbs/starchy veggies and fruits back into my diet. I’m nervous about it all, because carbs are what led me to my current size, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to control the cravings, but I’m going to trust the system and go for it anyway. Today I think I’ll start out my day by having a piece of sprouted grain toast with some natural peanut butter on it, and a bowl of sweetened Greek style yogurt for breakfast.


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